Corporate and Business overview.

Online video is not a passing fad; it has become a tangible reality that most businesses must address. Both live and on-demand video has quickly become a crucial medium in the communication strategies of organizations. Communication serves as the lifeblood of a business, regardless of its size or scale, and is critical to its overall success. This includes internal and external stakeholders such as clients, employees, management, shareholders, and consumers.

There are various applications for online video in businesses:

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Management communication
  • Corporate communication
  • Training, learning, and development

Additionally, there are event-based applications across businesses, including:

  • Conferences
  • Annual General Meetings (AGMs)
  • Shareholders’ meetings
  • CEO announcements
  • Presentations
  • Financial reports
  • Product launches
  • Commercial events
  • Advertising

When working with Memories Media, you are partnering with communication professionals. Memories Media takes pride in aligning our streaming technology with organizational strategies.

So why should businesses embrace online video now? It’s clear that businesses in New Zealand have lagged behind in utilizing online video as a communication tool compared to global counterparts. However, this is changing, and Memories Media can assist with your transformation. Businesses are increasingly recognizing the power of video as a communication tool and are experimenting with its applications. Furthermore, the growing investment in network infrastructure and increased bandwidth offer businesses added incentives to leverage video to drive revenue and enhance customer loyalty.

There is a distinct difference between the enterprise sector and the media/entertainment industry when it comes to online video. The requirements, challenges, and growth opportunities for businesses are unique and require specialized attention, which Memories Media is well-equipped to provide.

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